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Things I Dont Like Around My PC

The Thing i am Passionate about is my PC, while i m on PC i love surfing net. The Story is happy no tension..

Its not that simple.
There r few things i simply dont like in and around my pc.

  1. Mosquitoes – They Seriously sux. If one observe them lil crtitcally, i mean just observe there movement. They seems to be really intersting, bloddy 6 legged freaks. They r so greedy of blood, they try to suck out as much blood as they can and are drunk like “bevera”. They try to fly off lift there own weight, just blow some air and they burst like balloon. But these mosquitoes r so irritating while ur working that its simply not possible to concentrate.
  2. The Stuff which my brother throw on the Table, where pc is kept. Let me tell u what is lying there – My Bag, My Brother bag, Scooter Face Mask, a Table Watch, Calender, brother’s Admit card n entrance stuff bag, Few CDs, Rough Sheets of paper where he is trying his NIFT entrace test stuff, AXE Deo, My mobile, cordless phone, 3 mosquitoes(they r having fun time) , few pens, pencils, and wat more should i Write.
  3. My Mom coming again and again in morning telling me to take bath and eat breakfast.
  4. Spyware software which try to install themselves on my PC.

Can some1 help me with first and second problem, third one is impossible to solve (cuz i m the solution), 4th one i can take care of(if any 1 need solution call me).

New Revolution, New Rabbi – Its Rabbism

Its Passion, Its Obsession, Its Just Rabbi Shergill.
Idea in the lil genius mind 😉 that’s
SAM. A New online resource of rabbi shergill. I m sure this time Mr Rabbi Will be visiting OUR BLOG.

Its just a Start.

Winamp Track : Totia Manmotia – Rabbi Shergill

Jugni – Rabbi Shergill (Lyrics)

It seems to me that everyone in my friends circle is a big big fan of Delhi_Cool_sardar Rabbi Shergill. Today my friend Hard(ly) Working was asking me to find out the lyrics of song called JUGNI. The song by Rabbi Shergill where he strikes the present india a lil hard way. He got so much obsessed with song that finally he wrote the lyrics of the song which being punjabi i have to edit. Still there seems to be few errors pls feel free to correct them. I m kind of proud to build up the Internet Resources, with all credit to the composers, i mean not Hard(ly) Working but Mr Rabbi Shergill and Co.

…Background speech by A B Vajpayee…

Jugni dekhan chali desh….
Jide janmay si kadi ved…
jidon kadyaa si angrez…
Ki banyaa usdaa….
Ki banyaa usdaa haal….
kede kite usne kamaal…

vir meryaa ve jugni….
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa….
ek raah nawe aaj pandi hain..

…Agressive speech about killing in Kashmir by someone

Jugni jaa wadi kashmir ….
jithe roz maran das vee..
soni behnaa te sone veer..
oooo ro ro poochna..
ke jaghda tayi mukhnna…
jedo jhelum paani sukhnaa

vir meryaa ve jugni….
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa….
ek neer nawe aaj behndi hain..

…A punjabi news item….in background

jugni jaa wadi punjab….
jithe padhe likhe bekaar…
bech zameenaa jaawen baahar…
uthe maaran jaadho….
uthe gori lain vewha..
peeche tabar take raah..

vir meryaa ve jugni….
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa….
ek nayi udhari lendi aa….

…Background….a talk between match fixers..about satta..

Jugni jaa wadi bambai..
jithe sonda koi nahi…
sab labban cheez koi ….
kis kise noooo labbe…
jeno labbe woh bechain….
mathe matke uske pain…???

vir meryaa ve jugni….
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa….
ek sah safar daa lendi aa….

…News item in background

jugni jaa wadi aaj dilli,,,,
uthe bheed ch ral ki bhuli..
kitho aayi teh kithe chali…
sab basar gaya…
jeddon aaya usno cheta…
taaki mukhea thaa usdaa belaaa….

vir meryaa ve jugni….
vir meryaa ve jugni kehndi aa….
aaj naam guraa daan lehendi aa…….

—Background…AB Vajpayee speech….

….Please do correct the errors

A Request to all rabbi fans. Lets compile these lyrics at 1 place and make up listing of all the songs.

Hotmail 250 MB!!!!

Seems like most of us r still struggling with hotmail 2 mb size. If that is the problem, i have a simple and better solution. It was suggested to me by SAM that i should put up on this blog, and today another freind of mine had the same problem, so that finally encouraged me to put it up. THIS IS WAT U NEED TO KNOW…
visit , if u have airtel, hutch mobile service.. that wat it requires. just sign in and dont forget to deactivate ur alerts.. every alert is chargable.. So immediatly u rock with 250 MB of ur hotmail email size..

for those who dont have airtel and hutch phones dont wory VISIT THIS LINK

WEB – The Real Life Analogy

As for my habit just to roam around on these “wild streets on web“. Moving Lonely, finding my way out to the place where i want to be.
I’d some how feel internet is real times(not by processing), the way it operates. Ur data moving from ur pc to webservers. Internet is somehow analogous to real life, All wat is ur information is moving in ur digital signature. U shop, u flirt, u break heart, u express love, u search, u learn, u work, u digest the information(knowledge food for u), u write, you create influence on others and u get influenced by others. Its electronic version of everything and anything u do. (leaving apart few, dun want to mention 😉 )..

At times u meet pals on some road on the way, At times u have company, but u keep moving on those electronic high speed networks. U(ur data) moves at much higher rate than u can think of the fastest moving object u see. Certainly there r speedbreakers, even there r earthquakes, thunders, hurricanes on the way(analogous to dis-connections, timeouts, slow bandwidth etc). But at the end of day most of us are happy in person. (ur mail is sent in a flash, u got a new software which makes ur work more efficient, u meet old-new freinds……). Few of us do work to destroy, and some work to build it. It is all the way so similar.

Its Growing itself day and night. The more its growing, the more U want to learn, the hunger of more is increasing. cuz “HAR DIL MANGGE MORE” (everyone’s heart have a greed of more).

I wanted to say something more important, not as a lecture but as a responsible netizen. This internet web makes u more powerful, and “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBLITY”. U r responsible to real life deeds u do, so one must be responsible with the power he/she is holding on.

RABBI SHERGILL – Live in concert

Every one reading this blog must have figured out that i m a big fan of GOOGLE, GMAIL, Rabbi Shergill, Internet, Blogs, Rock Music, blah balh…
Today 14th of April, my chance to see rabbi live in concert at Srifort Auditorium by ICICI. Only about show i can say is – one of the finest performance by this delhi cool sardar guy, the FUSION OF PUNJABI WITH ROCK.
the band is great. Spl the lead guitarist and drummer. rabbi himself didnt show any attitude on stage and all the audience was rocking with the smooth tunes. arnd 10 songs performed in just 1.5 hr and time passed by never realized when it was 9:45 PM. This guy is worth watching live but u need to be paitent to listen to him. The thing i liked the most.. 0(zero) Attitude on stage. Just like a smiple sardar, a lil shy too and saying wats coming through heart. Rabbi as i know likes Bruce Springsteen, his music that comes from his guitars is pretty orignal. And one any 1 will(even who dont listen to rock) become his fan, if they listen him with acoustic’s solo performance.


Mr Rabbi u dont have any website. IF u wish to have one pls do contact me I will be ready at very affordable & negotiable rates. Atleast ill get to meet u once personally.

I Got A New Technology Partner [ ENGADGET]

While googling around i just got my kind of site. The Technology blog which gives all the information about latest and upcoming technologies. u dont need to buy chip or digit montly issues any more, if u can manage information in the eletronic form.

It is absolutly worth to make a visit to the website.

CAUTION: Only for My Kind of Ppl.

Gmail Inviter – Google

It seems like still there are lot of ppl left out without gmail invites. I was jsut filtering out gmail invites and wanted compile them at a single place.
Here r few gud gmail inviters. ENJOY 2+ GB

I guess it is indeed very clear from the last few posts that i m obsessed with google, THE ONE!!!
PS : feel free to donate ur gmail invites