WEB – The Real Life Analogy

As for my habit just to roam around on these “wild streets on web“. Moving Lonely, finding my way out to the place where i want to be.
I’d some how feel internet is real times(not by processing), the way it operates. Ur data moving from ur pc to webservers. Internet is somehow analogous to real life, All wat is ur information is moving in ur digital signature. U shop, u flirt, u break heart, u express love, u search, u learn, u work, u digest the information(knowledge food for u), u write, you create influence on others and u get influenced by others. Its electronic version of everything and anything u do. (leaving apart few, dun want to mention 😉 )..

At times u meet pals on some road on the way, At times u have company, but u keep moving on those electronic high speed networks. U(ur data) moves at much higher rate than u can think of the fastest moving object u see. Certainly there r speedbreakers, even there r earthquakes, thunders, hurricanes on the way(analogous to dis-connections, timeouts, slow bandwidth etc). But at the end of day most of us are happy in person. (ur mail is sent in a flash, u got a new software which makes ur work more efficient, u meet old-new freinds……). Few of us do work to destroy, and some work to build it. It is all the way so similar.

Its Growing itself day and night. The more its growing, the more U want to learn, the hunger of more is increasing. cuz “HAR DIL MANGGE MORE” (everyone’s heart have a greed of more).

I wanted to say something more important, not as a lecture but as a responsible netizen. This internet web makes u more powerful, and “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBLITY”. U r responsible to real life deeds u do, so one must be responsible with the power he/she is holding on.

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