Monthly Archives: August 2004

Hurrah .. Finally on GMAIL

Finally a Gmail account for kamaldeep singh wow.

Its blazing fast. It is furious. Its Amazing. its gmail.

P.s:- if ne of the google employees reading this blog i can of use for u. yeah for marketing of gmail. my services like u wont be free 😉

Ne ways thanx to my freind NITU for being so humble.

oops. forgot to tell u my id 😉

PAGAL FOR CAT – Common Admission Test

So finally i m back after 12 days. “Perhaps I m a busy Man.”

All my freinds would laugh on this one..

Any ways back with another link helpful for all the PAGAL “CRAZY PEOPLE” Trying for CAT 2004 – The Exam to get into top B Schools of India.

I found this site PAGAL GUY where in found a forum for CAT. and would be really beneficial for all those CAT ASPIRANTS want to discuss there doubts, problems etc. can make use of this forum ->

See ya guys I’ll Soon be back with more intersting links..

in a few days time my freinds definatly gonna call me “LINK-MAN”..

Signin off.