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A Amazing Weekend with dreadful ending

A Bad Ending To the Most Enjoyable Weekend
Probably too late to write as i m undergoing a training so couldnt get a time to Blog my wonderful weekend and the dreadful end to that weekend.

Finally i got a free weekend after a long long time, after the trainig. So i went to pune, where many of the close friends are working. Luckly everyone was free to spend weekend with me.

Day 1 . Friday : After a easy last day of week in office, reached pune at 10:30, and from my friends house went directly to E Square. A Multiplex in pune to watch Transporter 2. 1:00 Am the movie was over. and we hired a company bus to reach Cumsum a 24 hr cafe at Railway station. Amazing Experience 11ppl. 4 girls and 7 Guys. we sat there till 4:30 in the morning. Amazing chats there .. loads of expeirence sharing. Wow….
Reached back friends home at 5:30. and had a chat till 6:30..

Day 2. Saturday : Woke up at 11 AM. Relaxed till 4Pm and had lunch. Went to my freind place priya. went out for a stroll in Pune Markets and a very decent get together of all the friends at Pizza Hut.. Reached back home at Midnight to wish one the the roommates Birthday. we had a great birthday bash till 3 AM. and slept while talking with the music Freak.

Day 3: sunday : Woke up at 9AM. The Corporate in which my friends are working in had there founder day and fortuntely i was allowed inside the office.. had a good look at there office with a very decent Cultural and Rock Program. And Left office at 1PM to meet my childhood friend who is working at Infosys Pune. we had a coffee at CCD and left for lunch. after the lunch. Started back for Mumbai, and it started raining heavily, But was supposed to meet my school freind of delhi and had a great company with him till Mumbai.
I had to meet my brother who is Studin in NIFT, Navi Mumbai. So i went to his Flat, then NIFT campus had a great time.. at 8 PM i left for my home..
Till this time everything was awesome. But the Most dreadful incident happened, and I was Robbed at Flyover Next to my society of 900rupees and Worst of it was hit badly cuz i didnt want to surrender myself.. But 6 on 1.. that to a sleek guy like me. was too much to handle. Got Major blows in stomach and Head. so had to surrender and in the end it was begging state.. plzzzzzz Leave my purse and docuemnts. Fortunate enough i got them back.
Ne ways just Learn. Be Careful when you are alone. Anything can happen with anytime..
Still what very very happy about my weekend at pune.. and now buying a New Phone… :p

Stay Fit