Monthly Archives: November 2005

Back to Home – Now Its in Mumbai

Last week had amazing vacation at DELHI.. My HOME….
One would only realize what you call home and what you call a house, when you are living away from ur parents in a different city that too MUMBAI. When one live away from home it counts on everything.. every expenses u make it matters… @ home wid parents everything is urs and its for-granted..Bloddy i cant even count how much i pay on commuting every month.

Ne ways i would always love to cherish those precious moments spent in delhi wid old school n college pals. Its very difficult to write all that.. so many ppl to meet… and recall old memories. It feels amazing deep inside the heart. Most of friends r now talking technical language, those who didnt knew abc of technology n business have learnt a lot in training and projects(including me). All one thing which i tell myself everyday(this time is not coming back dude.. work , learn n enjoy) .

Now its back home – new home in mumbai(atleast trying to make it home), i with my frnds now own a TV, Music System n VCD player. A new Journey has begun….in COSMO CITY MUMBAI..