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For all the Tech Geeks

All my IT Geeks , the Technology Freaks Freinds. here is another link u might find it useful to add in ur favourite lists. I guess its a russian page published Books in english. Check it out to find more.

Now it seems to me that “Gyan Ka Sagar” Thing is very true. One Just need to search for “GYAN” and there is “gyan” everywhere.

GTBIT Website


Atlast My college site is up.. its up n kicking.. SID n VIKRAM did GREAT JOB..

not much to say rite now.. just that its a very gud effort. atleast kuch to hua college ka .. 😀


Intersting Truth

Once old man was sitting in the park readingbook “Learn C++ in 21days“. A passer by saw him and asked “You are such an old guy, why do you bother to learn C++?”  


 “I have heard that now communication language at heaven is C++ only, so  after my death when I will be in heaven, Idon’t want to face   communication problem.” old man replied. 


“But how come are U so sure that U will be in heaven? It could be a hell  also.” he asked.   “Ya, doesn’t matter …. I already knowJava“.

Lucky Ali – Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai

Rite now also listinin to the new track by “LUCKY ALI” – KABHI AISA LAGTA HAI. I never heard such a sensational music like this.  This guy lucky ali is just invinsible. (SERIOUSLY NO MATCH). Did ne 1 see that girl in the video.. wow shee is amazing. Any one just see her first it time will fall for her. Any one could tell me her name. i would recommend to watch that video and listen to song. worth spending time on it.


if u want to download it. i got a gud working link for u


U need to thank me for this. 🙂

Colour your Website Scroll Bar

I find that most of ppl want the scrollbar to be coloured. so here is the code which can be useful for you. i can expect feedback related to this code.

LINK href=”style.css” type=text/css rel=STYLESHEET

INSERT THE above code in your html file in the head tag. put the above code in signs

save the file below as style.css and put it in the same folder as of ur web-site/pages.



font-size: 10px;

scrollbar-highlight-color: #FFFFFF;

vertical-align: middle;

scrollbar-shadow-color: #FF0000;

color: #900000;

scrollbar-arrow-color: #FF0090;

scrollbar-base-color: #008080;

scrollbar-dark-shadow-color: #F0000F;

margin-top: 0em; padding: 0em


O'Reilly's CD bookshelf

2 Days Back While Surfin on internet i found this very useful link. I felt like to share it with all of you. Perphaps what more a engineering student want getting to read books free of cost online. I have seen many of my freinds searching for ebooks. so finally there serach ends here.. LET it be JAVA, Perl, TCP/IP, Unix, Linux, Oracle Pl/ SQL…

You will find around 62 online books avaliable on this site. And very very convinent to surf. BEST OF LUCK.