Monthly Archives: June 2005

Is there something good worth fighting for

Recently i saw the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. Though i know what ever i like i m so obsessed and attached with it, that i can do its free of cost publicity.

One dialague was really touching in the movie where in sam freind of frodo says “Mr Frodo there is something good in this earth, and it is worth fighting for.”
It was really crazy stuff to watch that movie all 3 of them sitting 10 hrs. It need real guts to do that.. i mean when family is around.. watchin it on loud volume. and time and again parents scolding.. but i guess “the movie was soo gud and it was worth fighting” for 😉 😛

Is this thing really valid ” something good on this earth, and it is worth fighthing for” in this KALYUG. we r fighting for money. we r fighting for land, we r fighthing for religion, fighting for power.!!!!

Money sounds good, is it worth ( Reliance Empire)
Land( India Pakistain for kashmir)
Cant think of more examples at 4 o clock in morning. but if u look around there r many