Monthly Archives: February 2005

Easy to Post – Post a Song

Finally i have learnt that the easiest post is to post a gud song. I guess i would like to post that song which every1 in my freind circle like very much.. known as Bandhe (OST-Blackfriday) by Indian Ocean.
Here it goes

“Arey ruk jaa
Arey tham jaa
Arey ruk jaa re bandhe
Arey tham jaa re bandhe
Ki kudrat hus padegi ho
Arey neendein hain zakhmi
Arey sapnay hain bhookhay
Ki karvat phut padegi ho
Arey mandir yeh chup hain
Arey masjid yeh gumsum
Ibaadat thak padegi ho
Samay ki laal aandhi
Kabristaan ke rastei
Arey lathpath chalegee ho
Kisey kafir kahegaa
Kisey kaayar kahega
Teri kab tak chalegi
Yeh anndhi chot teri
Kabhi ki sookh jaati
Magar ab pak chalegi.”

Supportive Indian Audience

Yesterday, I mean The Big Day for Indian Tennis World. The WTA Hyd Open Final Match Between Sania and Bond, which Fortunately won by Sania Mirza of India. Both the players were playing amazing, definately some errors on both ends. i’d rather call it “Kante Ka Muqabala”. Sania is a New Youth Icon of India, about a billion people wishes were with her. Its not about critisizing the perfromace of the Youth Icon.
But a very big credit goes to the Indian Audience Sitting in the Stadium. Anyone who saw the game on TV would be agreeing with me. I mean Booing the Away Player and Woowing the Home star. it always happens but it was lil too much in this match. I remember Andy Roddick and Hewitt match in Aus Open.. the same story. Everyone in this world need Appreciation..
All i can say is.. INDIAN AUDIENCE BE SPORTY………..