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Reservation in Indian Universities

News Came to a shock.. 49.5% reservation in indian universities(IIT/IIM). Is Govt talking s**t or wat. I would never have thought this much of reservation for categories, a.k.a ST/SC/OBC. If this happens i wonder future of india in research, decision and strategy side. Ignoring the best brains of country and relying on non merit basis even develop hate for the indian education standards for majority students. Those who has big dreams and confidence to do things and a little money to support will never be able to work out in situation. Already in this merit selection basis there is very fine line that u get to a college or miss by a margin.

As far as my knowledge goes I cant recall a incident where reservation for ST/SC/OBC is decreased. So one thing is far sure once this happens it will not revert. There will be 100 more political pressure for not doing it and it STAYS FOREVER.

This further inviting more Brain Drain. A person would love his/her own country to a limit where atleast country policies are not against his aspirations n goals. Present scenario is where i read about IIT/IIM grads not accepting offers abroad(This might also get affected). Infact most of parents in order to make there children have best of education will put everything on stake they saved so far. Panic Situations. Performance pressure will be much much more.

Take a scenario – Indian cricket or Hockey Team having 49.5% reservations. Atleast 49.5% should play in International Cricket or Hockey Matches. Why players are chosen on basis of merit(performance). I sports is pretty much a education.

I do not see any reason when i myself have seen IAS son n daughters getting into engineering college throught Quota n coming by Ford Ikon.

Five Point Someone – My Alma Mater of Book Reading

Finallly, Officially i finsihed my first book of career till date. To brief you with my background i am a engineer thankfully first Class from a C grade(thats my rating) plz dun argue. Since class 8th i have PC @ home. Thanks Papa its cuz of u i m here. Day one PC came home. Career option was decided- got to be computer engineer come wat ever. From that point onwards i have been a above avg student i would call one who is scoring 75% approx. never been able to finish course(my Studies). got thrashing from parents. Teachers always loved me. Sweet cute sardar boy. No Longer. Only thing i could digest have to be related to computers. Though wasnt tat gud at programming but still was among dudes in school.

Ne ways I have never read a book in life. Except Shiv Khera You can Win! Dad wanted me type few extracts for his presentations so i liked and read it more. (till date havent finsihed it).

At school I was forced to read Hardy Boys write book review. I just hated reading books(By the way i use to copy what was written on last cover page) . While preparing for CAT was told by faculty to get into reading habit(something like Agata Christy or Richard Bach, i had never heard of there names) . And all i could digest was Digit, Computers @ home, DataQuest etc.

Just got hold of this book in pune bookshop so thought will buy it. But another frnd had a copy of it at home so i just managed to borrow it. I always used to laugh at people n think what is there in these novels that keep them sticked to it like magnet or fevicol. But i realized yesterday it is some power i couldnt wait to finsh this book “Five point someone” had journey of 3 hrs from pune to mumbai. then also i woke till 5 , got late for office . Until i finished i couldnt sleep. May be because it was all engineers life. I could understand wat they were saying. ne ways 1 thing is far sure i m going to write a book review myself on this one.
Congrats my english teacher ur student is grown up now.