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Tsumani Tragedy – Kudrat Ka Keher

It is really sad to whenever i even think about Tsumani Waves. The Loss of human life is so so much that thinking about it, a rock hard heart will burst. Still its nature, no one can actually change what was written. The Stats. are mind boggling like :- many islands submerged in A&N islands, Hurdreds of thousands died, 5 million ppl dislplaced. Only thing which i wished was to go there and help in relief work. (as i m rite now completely free after exams) . But still sitting at home, I want to use internet as some source of help to the affected. But Question comes how.

  1. As far as i could think only possiblity is to raise funds by letting the world know about the things that is required by the Ppl in down south.
  2. Secondly by Publishing the missing Ppl photograph and details on the Internet and making combined database for different states and complete south east asia.

But for all that required thing is resources and data. Anyway one more thing that is required is our prayers that god give strength to all the survivors to continue helping others and can restructure there lives and continue with the normal living.

I just wanted to mention few items which one could donate.(JUST TO BRING IN NOTICE)

  • Ofcourse PM Relief FUND(Thats the financial help)
  • The above is definately important but few other important things which govt. can’t handle to that extent are :-House Hold Stuff
  • Old Stoves
  • Bedsheets Pillows
  • Medical Kits
  • Soaps for washing and cleaning
  • Toothpastes
  • Old Towels
  • Tea Bags
  • Old Washing Buckets and Tubs
  • Old Watches
  • Old Luggage Bags
  • old softtoys and barbie dolls for Children
  • Carrying Boxes ( of your old TV, Refrigrator, computer)
  • Pens Pencils
  • The list can go on and on. You think of any thing u have that u need in worst case senerio send in there by donating it at nearest camp in your locality.