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Engineer Boyfriends are the best!!!!

These lines r been picked up frm a blog named Just a Lighter Side of Me all u girls its a must read for u!!!!!! Absolutly No Credit for content – I get Credit just to search this..

  1. Secure lifestyle : An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house too. Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in law firm, most management graduates have just failed on their first business plan, the arts graduate is still looking for a job, and the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital.
  2. Unmatchable industriousness : An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don’t understand you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week’s worth of happiness.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired results appear. Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you, the Management graduate who will try to control your spending, the Arts graduate who will ‘change major’, and the medical school graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it’s really so easy to make engineers believe that you are the ‘one’. Say that you like one of their projects and they will be hooked to you forever.
  3. An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust : Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others – the lawyers will lie about everything, management graduates will cheat your money, the arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate. Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about that. Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find – rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you.

Conclusion: Engineerz rule !

Another Link

Now i seriously feel i aint that bad finding out few gud useful links. Anyways this comin link is courtsey of DCETECH student forum, for the symbian OS phones its called MoGambo , U can get all the mobile phone softwares free of cost, all u need is a login id and password dun worry the registration procedure is free. i myself tried downloading some files .sis, though i dun own a compatibale phone.

I hope for some of my friends it will be useful.

Concerned Parents

Life is tough, no one denied that fact. But moms r very very overcautious about there engineer puttars. I dun find out a way, how to convince about the present trends, the present market, the present jobs. Esp. the worst case comes in when some1 in locality gets a B-school call, or some ladies gossip about there puttars package.. Still That thing boostup me with confidence that my parents think this much for my career and its a very serious issue in there mind. The Best part is my dad “A Big time Marketing dude”, The fight between between me and him, about career prospects. Its amazing Probably the finest talk between a dad and a son. His thoughts are really motivational. So i hope, n pray to god this thing (MY JOB) finally reach its first desitnation.

Technology In Television Serials

Yesterday, i mean on 12th of Jan 05, Wednesday.

I was amazed to see Mr. Karan in “Kyunki Saas Bhi….” Using N6600 for recording the conversation among Mohini and her freind. Amazing, i mean Ekta Kapoor is really making the TV serials Spicy. Things r gettin hot and know wat NOKIA is gaining popularity. No big deal other serials gonna take same kind of inspiration and who knows tomm in another serial the same kinda usage is done. Whats gonna be the outcome of this… far as i know its not gonna be that much healthy for society…Rest Wait and Watch