Monthly Archives: September 2006

London – Sounds Good

Finally I have some time to update my blog.
Right now I am in worlds one of most busiest city. LONDON.
Fortunately or Unfortunately I am in worlds one of most expensive city. Lucky to be living in Company apparment in luxary. I would describe this city to be truly cosmo. I think I have been a lucky chap to be living in Delhi->Mumbai-> London. Seen lot of cultures around. Guess New York, Sydney and Tokyo is left. I must define its a world hub(everyone from everywhere).
Its just 1 year of my professional life and so many things I have come accross and would agree to the fact that sky is the limit.

To end with.. I still havent found what I was looking for. And I have got to find what I Love..

What Younger Brother has to say

There is a long gap I have not posted on my blog. Too much busy with work and other stuff. But these days right now I am in world’s most cosmo city LONDON!!!. While talking to my younger brother a suggestion came from him. His pet name is Rubal..
Here it goes:-
“no stategy no tips if it has to click i can click”