Monthly Archives: October 2004

Uff Yeh Engineering! Hai Yeh Technology

Life is Tough, Hard to live, Tough to feel. Seems like the Quote “survival of the fittest” is perfectly valid. wat ever. Subjects like Control System and Compiler take the hell out of me. “Cant Comment about others“. I wonder many of engineering graduate would agree why to study electronics and mechencial engineering concepts if one is not even gettin a career option in that. Guess wat. all mech and electronics engg students Joining all the Software Firms.

“God bless me that i clear them. Hey almighty god if u have internet facality pls do read my blog.” Ahh another intersting thought about the latest Wi Fi Lans. Even If there is no internet facality in Heaven. Mobile Phones (GRPS, EDGE, Bluetooth), Laptops (Wi Fi Wireless Lans)… probably Jesus might get all these facalities a lil early than Indian Gods cuz Wi Fi Lan Not as on implemented in INDIA.

Thats kinda unfair God adopting things that human created can’t be..


What would be next.

Humans adopting Latest Technology inspired from “Indra Lok”. If i talk on techincal grounds, Atleast They can take inspiration from Indian Gods about the “teleport” technology.

Great Movies

Today I saw the movie Sweet November Again. Its been a fav. of mine. last time i when i watched this movie. i was flattered by the roles of Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron. though its a remake, but Its kind of rare movies which i like the most.. a MUST SEE.

Keanu Reaves is kinda my fav to.. not from matix fame but by his deeds. He is a buddhist, a vegetarain, and a great human.

It is so great that it compelled me to download the OST of this movie Called “Only Time By Enya” Listen to it.

Freaked UP – X-BOX Rulez

Gaming was one aspect which is hiddin in every individual. Thats why Games are called games. This week my cousin is here with his gud new XBOX.( A Microsoft GAMING CONSOLE) It is amazing piece which can distract any one, i can bet on that one.

Probably lot of time wastage. But there are more things which a engineering student learns from it. I played for more than 10 hrs in just 2 days. the new 3D games are simply “AWESOME”. Adjective i like the most suits it the best.

Probably microsoft made a far better device than Sony Playstation. Perhaps not the first time microsoft made a high quality product which can brain wash the users from any other gaming console. But its giving value for money and high degree of excitement GURANTEE.