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KDZone Brought Back to Life

Finally after ages I got desperate to make a post on my blog.
This time again technical stuff.
I felt nice after viewing about Tim Berners-Lee – “The First web-Page” from where it all begin.

It is called the World Wide Web Project

Why everyone want to earn without working

For some reason in last 2 months I have been getting lot of ways to earn money online. It seems so stupid that people just want to look out for way to earn money like this. Specially among people in IT or related industry where people have easy access to Interent it seems like every one is just passing on referral to earn more and more money. To name a few like, and now something like

What is there so much about social and business networking website which people are so happy to enroll for to earn a bit of extra money.

Look at big picture

Ek Wajha Ki Talash Kar

“Rehne De Aasman.. Zamin Ki Talash Kar,
Sab Kuch Yahin Hai.. Na Kahin Aur Talash kar,
Har Arzoo Puri Ho To Jine Ka Kya Maza,
Jine Ke liye bas ek Wajha Ki Talash Kar..”

I demolish my bridges behind me……
then there is no choice but to move forward.

After a long time a sensible forward email came from one very close friend and it was mood elevator.
While doing testing in software industry a person really need to find self motivator at every now and then, to carry on the work smoothly. Its one of them.

Defining Life in BHP : THE XBHP

Something which should have been done in the past, but no one did and these guys are giving a new dimension. Need Lots of Courage . The Guys @ XBHP proved themselves to be different.

I have been tracking this blog for past few weeks and I felt there is much more in life than job, money, work, TV on weekends, Friends. Its called passion.
Everyone knows there is passion. Who follow that passion. Not even a handful.
Parents teach there children that you have to become a MBA, Engineer, A doctor. Why? Get a good job, Take business to new heights.

The blog would say everything ……..Keep Rocking Guys

Yet again it reminds me of Steve Jobs : Stay Hungry, Stay foolish.
And You have got to find what you love

London – Sounds Good

Finally I have some time to update my blog.
Right now I am in worlds one of most busiest city. LONDON.
Fortunately or Unfortunately I am in worlds one of most expensive city. Lucky to be living in Company apparment in luxary. I would describe this city to be truly cosmo. I think I have been a lucky chap to be living in Delhi->Mumbai-> London. Seen lot of cultures around. Guess New York, Sydney and Tokyo is left. I must define its a world hub(everyone from everywhere).
Its just 1 year of my professional life and so many things I have come accross and would agree to the fact that sky is the limit.

To end with.. I still havent found what I was looking for. And I have got to find what I Love..

What Younger Brother has to say

There is a long gap I have not posted on my blog. Too much busy with work and other stuff. But these days right now I am in world’s most cosmo city LONDON!!!. While talking to my younger brother a suggestion came from him. His pet name is Rubal..
Here it goes:-
“no stategy no tips if it has to click i can click”

New Gagdet in my Pocket Sony NW-E 507

Yeppie Got a new most wanted object of desire.
A Amazingly Sexy sweet little thing i must say
See it urself

So From now on there is going to be section on wats playing on my WalkMan(copyrights Sony).

I never knew before buying this one that Walkman term is sony properitery term and cant be used for any other device playing music.

Check it out urself on Sony: