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Cycling 11-Aug-2010

Location : New Bombay-Mumbai (Airoli-Vikhroli-Airoli)

Distance: 20kms

Time: 41.35 mins

Weather Condition: Drizzle, Cool Breeze

Live to Ride

Cycling 8-Aug-2010

Partner: Nikhil Latey

Location : New Bombay (Airoli-Vikhroli-Ghatkoper-Gowandi-Vashi-Belapur-Airoli)

Distance: 65kms

Time: 3:45 hrs

Weather Condition: Rains, Heat, Heavy Head wind

Nikhil at Vashi Flyover – Approaching in speed.

Little Rest on Sion – Panvel Highway

Cycling 01-Aug-2010

Partner: Nikhil Latey (Due to confusion we did solo riding)

Route[KD]: New Bombay (Airoli-Highway-Airoli)*2

Route[Nikhil]: Mumbai (Mulund-Airoli-Ghatkopar-Airoli-Mulund)

Activity: Cycling

Distance: 15 kms – KD/35kms – Nikhil

Time: No Clue , After my cycle gears broke down

Weather Condition: Heavy Rains