The North Indian Circut – Day 2

Date/Day – Tuesday, 21st June
Journey – Amritsar-Udhampur
Distance – 230 kms
Riding Time – 8 Hrs
Gradient- Single road from Amritsar to Pathankot, Divided 4 Lane Highway till Samba, about 60kms of Climb from Samba to Udhampur.

Day 2 started a bit late at 9 AM. We were dead tired after completing Journey of about 496 kms. We literary dragged out ourself at 10 AM to pay visit to Golden Temple. It was a majestic view.

After having ‘Guru ka Langar – The community meal’.
we continued our journey towards Jammu in blazing heat, None of us had summer gloves which was very bad idea. It was about 41 degree C outside and we were toasted. Farzin also took a small fall en-route while applying sudden breaks. I think it was heat taking its toll on us. To beat the heat we nice Verka Lassi which made him feel better We reached Pathankot by 3 which was mid way of our Journey and had lunch in a Veggy restaurant. Whenever I decided to check-in Veg Dhaba, farzin’s face use to become :(.

I was having chat with Punjabi Driver about route and approach towards Jammu, he suggested us to take a shortcut to Udhampur from place called Samba rather than going to Jammu. This idea could save us additional 60km of un-necessary Journey. We decided to save these kilometers. I tanked up again at Samba(Royal Enfield Electra 4s was giving no more than 24kmpl), and had some quick evening snacks. This route had a decent climb over Lower Himalayan Range. Wow – We touched Himalayas. This moment we both were waiting from very long. We started climb at 5:30 PM and reached Udhampur at 7:30. It wasn’t exactly a smooth ride but decent enough climb. We checked in a very cheap hotel for 400 rupees a night and ordered food. This time Farzin couldn’t resist and said I am eating non-veg, I am out of home and I am not eating Veggie grass.
He ordered some meat and I ordered veg meal. We called it a night and decided that tomorrow we should leave early morning and try to reach SriNagar by 6 PM.

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