Cycling 17-July-2010

Partner: Nikhil Latey

Location : New Bombay (Airoli-Belapur-Airoli)

Activity: Cycling

Distance: 45 km

Stops: 10 min break.

Time: 2:04 hrs

Weather Condition: 94% Humidity, 28 Degree C.

Swimming Session:

Distance : 1.1kms[KD], 1.6kms[Nikhil]

Duration: 45 minutes

2 thoughts on “Cycling 17-July-2010

  1. Balram

    20kmph is a decent speed.. looks like u guys gave it the rip….
    Should have pushed further …

  2. KD

    Man, Just before starting we thought we will swim in evening so we cut down 15k of extra cycling. I think this is good benchmark to start with.. Will try to push through to 25 kmph before going to khapoli or lonavala


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