Hats Off To New Ideas – Wikipedia.

I always been loving people who do creative Stuff. Though its widely used now

I was Touched by article when I read about Wikipedia
Feel like promoting Wikipedia.

Amazing Lines which touched my heart.
“And I am doing this for my own daughter, who I hope will grow up in a world where culture is free, not proprietary, where control of knowledge is in the hands of people everywhere, with basic works they can adopt, modify, and share freely without asking permission from anyone.”
Salute to such a thought
I too believee knowledge enriches when is shared. I guess there is great future for Blog’s n wikipedia.
Defining the things differently now and then. Web is taking turns as never predicted. Only thing predicted is word “Web” defining new things linked to each other, tagged to each other, expanding in all direction.

I strongly appeal to everyone : Share cool stuff know. Let the data be redundant. Link to each other. If u know let the world know about it.

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