Wanna Move to Hotmail Beta

Wishing all the readers of my blog a very Happy New Year 2006.
Though I wanted to start with a creative post of my own, but what I saw on my friends blog Dhaval I couldn’t stop it sharing with all of you.

I guess all those who r reading this must have heard about hotmail beta version which is on invitation only. But dhaval found a kewl trick to promote ur hotmail account to beta account. So here it goes:-

1 – Log In to your Hotmail Account
2 – GO to Options > Change Account Settings
3 – In a Personal Settings, Change your Country to United States and State to Florida
4 – Save it
5 – Now, dont sign out, and just simple copy the following link and paste it in a same browser window where your hotmail inbox is.
link – http://by101fd.bay101.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/BetaOptIn?page=option&curmbox=00000000%2d0000%2d0000%2d0000%2d000000000001&a=b9a426ebd4880ad9d
(remove the Blank space in the token)
6 – Now you will see a welcome to Mail Beta page, scroll down, and click on Join Mail Beta or Participate button, and you are in.
7 – Now simply go back to Account Settings, re-change your Country and State to original one and you can happily enjoy new Hotmail.

NOTE: This trick will work only on IE 6.
I or my ISP do not take any responsibility of the above act.

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